WE BELIEVE that our lives are enhanced by objects that are well-designed and fashioned of quality materials. It is especially true of buildings. Much of what is made today is mass-produced, disposable and lacking in both beauty and authenticity. Years ago, having completed our studies, we gravitated to honest endeavor that felt real and rewarding. By embracing history and traditional, regional design, we felt connected to the past, even as the past was being destroyed. The preservation movement was in its infancy, there was limited appreciation for vernacular architecture and very little interest in the early barns that were swiftly disappearing. We had found a calling.

For decades we have advocated for, documented and forestalled the destruction of many fine barns, outbuildings and houses. Built with integrity, they informed us of our past. Over the years we have developed a philosophy for appropriate restoration techniques. In the process we have trained a new generation of skilled craftsmen in order that our efforts will endure.

To raise awareness of our vanishing landscape we have been involved in lectures, tours and surveys of old barns. To address a broader audience we have written two well received books espousing our affinity for old barns and rural buildings. While we take pride in what we have accomplished, we recognize that there remains much work to be done.