Before any historic structure can be disassembled it must be documented. Recording a building can be both daunting and edifying. These structures are forthright, economical assemblies, but they are often comprised of hundreds of individual framing members, each with its own specific location. Everyone is identified and designated. Missing and compromised timbers must also be accounted for. Buildings are often muddled by years of repairs and alterations creating additional challenges. We measure, draw and tag each building using a proprietary coding system which ensures every piece is returned to its original location.

The documented and tagged frame is then carefully disassembled and, loaded on trailers and transported to our shop in Ringoes, New Jersey. Individual beams are then spread out and power washed, a process that removes years of filth and reveals the timber’s true color and grain. Once cleansed, compromised timbers are repaired or, if necessary, replaced in kind. The repair and fitting of a building is often the most time and labor intensive aspect of our job. We use both ancient and modern tools and techniques to restore a barn to its original form. Special care is taken in matching wood species and joinery. As a safeguard to insure their future integrity, the stacked timbers, old and new, are tented and fumigated. Finally, the frame is shipped to the new site and erected by our experienced crew.
Rockingham, Rocky Hill, NJ