Projects Edmund Burroughs House  |  Princeton, New Jersey

A brick discovered over one of several fireplaces read “EB May 7 1787.” The Edmund Burroughs house was built near the Delaware in Hopewell in that year. Two centuries later, threatened by demolition in the wake of a housing development, it was, instead, rescued and eventually re-erected in the same township as the core of a house showcasing an important collection of early American antiques and folk art.

In addition to acting as contractor for the timber frames and installation of historic woodwork The New Jersey Barn Company provided design services for the restoration of the historic house, as well as, compatible additions. The traditional forms of the additions include a fieldstone

wing and light-filled ell, evoking a classic farmhouses of the Delaware Valley that evolved over several generations. A selection of period outbuildings were also brought to the site to give historical context and practical functionality to the farmstead.

Upon completion, the project was recognized by both local and national organizations with awards for architecture and preservation. It the words of one of these citations: “The judges found the quality of the reconstruction sensitive to a fault, observing that the house has been beautifully revived and new work successfully integrated with the old to make a spacious dwelling…”