Since its founding in 1980 The New Jersey Barn Company has been immersed in all aspects of historic preservation from work in the trenches, to design at the drafting table. Over the years, when we learn of venerable buildings that face imminent destruction, we may intervene and acquire the best of them. After painstaking documentation, these structures are disassembled for eventual relocation to more sympathetic sites. Our inventory includes vintage oak frames fashioned of timber felled in old growth forests. Each is a singular American treasure, waiting to be given new life in a new location.

Early timber frames built in New Jersey remain unsurpassed by others raised elsewhere in colonial

America. This is due to the diversity of building forms brought to our region from disparate European traditions, combined with framing members harvested from extraordinary hardwood forests. The species of choice, White Oak, was in abundance here and was employed extensively, sometimes exclusively, in our early structures.

We have adapted barns to become singular houses, dramatic commercial and public spaces, and historical museums. Complete design services are available to assist in all aspects of the building process. Our experience affords us the ability to accommodate a new purpose while preserving the implicit integrity of the antique structures.